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We know what it takes to find the best talent.

At LSR, we recognise the need for a company with the insights, knowledge and credibility of a search firm but offering a contingent service. By working closely with clients and learning about their needs and goals, we have the tools and expertise to find top candidates and deliver quality results.

Flexible Pricing

Life Sciences Recruitment was launched after seeing the need for a company with the insights, knowledge and credibility of a search firm but offering a for tailored and flexible service across all levels of seniority.

LSR’s Skilled Team Delivers in Difficult Searches

Working with a knowledgeable team is essential for any business or project. The Team here at LSR is knowledgeable and has the necessary skills and experience to tackle difficult searches, identify potential issues and risks, and come up with innovative solutions to complex problems. Our team has a proven record of saving clients time, money, and resources. They also provide insight into their respective fields and share knowledge with clients and candidates to provide the best outcomes.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing – RPO

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is an increasingly popular option for organizations looking to streamline their recruitment processes. By outsourcing the recruitment process, organizations can significantly reduce costs, minimize risks, and increase efficiency in the recruitment process. In this article, we’ll explore some of the critical benefits of RPO and how it can help organizations reach their recruitment goals. One of the most significant benefits of RPO is cost savings  Organizations can reduce their recruitment costs by up to 50% by outsourcing the recruitment process. This covers the cost of recruiting staff, as well as the cost of hiring and onboarding new staff. Outsourcing also reduces the cost of training and developing teams and the cost of managing and monitoring their performance.


Streamline your Recruitment. Your Partner in Contingent Search

Whether you’re a small business needing to fill multiple positions quickly, or an individual looking for a new career opportunity, LSR can provide the means to make it happen. For employers, recruitment agencies can save time and money by sourcing the right candidates quickly and efficiently. Our experienced Consultants have access to a wide range of potential employees and can help to match the best-suited individuals to meet job requirements. We also screen candidates by conducting interviews and pre-employment tests and can advise on salary negotiations and job offers.


The Advantages of Retained Search

Retained search, this specialized recruitment service used by organizations to find and hire high-level executives or professionals for key positions within the company. In this approach, the hiring organization retains the services of an executive search firm to conduct a thorough and comprehensive search for candidates who possess the specific skills, qualifications, and experience required for the executive role.

Unlike contingency-based recruitment, where fees are contingent upon the successful placement of a candidate, retained search firms are paid a retainer upfront. This retainer ensures a dedicated and focused effort by the search firm to identify and attract top-tier candidates. The retained search process typically involves a close collaboration between the search firm and the hiring organization to define the role, establish criteria, and create a customized search strategy.

Retained search is commonly utilized for senior-level positions, such as CEOs, CFOs, and other key executives, where the stakes are high, and finding the right candidate is crucial for the organization’s success. The process is characterized by its exclusivity, thoroughness, and commitment to delivering a select pool of highly qualified candidates who align with the client’s specific requirements and organizational culture.





Cost-Effective Contract Solutions

Contract recruitment is the process of bringing in contract professionals for short-term, project-focused work. It provides a number of benefits for companies, including cost savings, access to a larger pool of talent, and increased flexibility. Cost Savings: Contract recruitment can save companies money over the long-term. By paying on a per-project or per-hour basis, companies can avoid the costs associated with a full-time hire, including training, benefits, and other related expenses.